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Summer Camp for Kids 2019
Event Date : 7/7/2019 - 7/31/2019
Following the huge success of the first edition and positive feedback from parents, Aspire Zone Foundation is proud to launch the 2ndedition of the Summer Camp ...
Ramadan Sports Festival 2019
Event Date : 5/8/2019 - 4/19/2019
Ramadan Mubarak!Ramadan has its special atmosphere in every country, and Aspire is no difference. For the 8th year in a row, “Ramadan Sports Festival̶ ...
National Sport Day 2019
Event Date : 2/12/2019
Sport? Aspire.Let’s Celebrate Together Qatar National Sport Day 2019To mark the 8th edition of Qatar National Sport Day 2019, AZF is organising sports act ...
Previous Events

1st Aspire Winter Camp for Kids 2018
Event Date : 12/23/2018 - 1/3/2019
AZF is organizing for the first time a comprehensive winter programme for kids who are staying in town, especially that the midyear school holiday is about to s ...
Aspire Academy Cross Country 3K and 6K
Event Date : 12/8/2018
Are you fit enough to compete with a professional athlete?Aspire Zone Foundation is organising an “Aspire Academy Cross Country Race” at Aspire Park ...
Qatar's Strongest Man 2018
Event Date : 12/7/2018
Aspire Park became home to exciting competitions and interesting challenges. It is for one of our most popular festivals where giants meet every year to compete ...

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