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Qatar Sport Golden Era

Aspire Talents Constitute the Pillars of Qatar Sport Golden Era 

Aspire Zone Foundation congratulated our Qatari National Youth Team on the historic achievement last night in Myanmar, winning the Asian Football Cup for Youth beating North Korea with score of 1/0.

Mr. Khalid Abdulla Al-Sulaiteen described his overwhelming joy saying: "My joy today is double , first is that I share the masses of the Qatari people, especially those interested in sport and fans of football, their thrill for this achievement of our beloved country, and second is that mixture of feelings of affection and pride with the players graduated in Aspire Academy, which is a new demonstration of the enlightened vision of our wise leadership that preceded the time putting in place for the Sports City project (Aspire Zone) in 2003, and the establishment of the academy in 2004, and put all the potential to invest in human beings, and building a unique sport personality armed with education and talent together, and I am proud that we are yielding today the fruits of what sowed ten years ago. "

Al-Sulaiteen added: "This achievement did not happen by accident, it has combined all the efforts in the different state institutions to build these heroes since they were blossoms and little talents that have become stars, and more importantly, that it is not limited to football only, but in different other sports, especially athletics and squash." He also noted that "AZF and its member organizations seek always to apply the scientific approach in the various programs and the development of talent and the players, and the different areas of competence, according to the latest technologies and international standards, which is what makes highly qualified and eligible to accomplish our vision becoming the reference for sports excellence worldwide."

Congratulations and blessings have flowed on our team both locally and internationally, with paying tribute to Aspire for its role in building and investing in those heroes to get to this level and global performance in football.

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