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¼ Million international visitors per year ...
The clothing you wear to work out is just as important as bringing water with y ...
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It is Aspire Zone!

¼ Million international visitors per year
500 acres with 200 acres of open space
189 full time sports students
2006 host of the Asian games 32,000 scouted athletes from around the world

It is Aspire Zone.

Aspire Zone total area 2.5km²
Football fields in Aspire Zone 15
Actual size of Aspire Park 880,000 m²
Size of Aspire Park Lake 19,928 m²
Aspire Park Lake contains 60,000 m³ of water
Percentage of Greenery in Aspire Zone 50%
Total Walking / Jogging Track in Aspire Zone 14.06 km
Walking / Jogging Tracks in Aspire Park 6.00 km
Horse Trail 7.00 km Bicycles actual track 6.70 km
Number of Trees in Aspire Zone 1417
Number of Trees in Aspire Park 782
Number of Palm Trees in Aspire Zone 524

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