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Aspire Park - Aspire Zone

It is also Qatar’s largest green landscape.

Expanding over 880,000 square meter, Aspire Park is a call to the local community to come and enjoy healthy lifestyle. With this huge area, one wonders where to start? The Park goes into spiral paths which are specially designed for walking and jogging, thanks to the wood-chip and rubber tracks.

These tracks, indeed, alleviate any pain that can occur from exercising or after falling on the ground. Also, a regular water distribution service takes place for walkers and joggers. Amid natural scenes and trees from all over the world, the Park offers the best venue to exercise and enjoy active, healthy lifestyle.

Three children playgrounds and several open air gym stations encourage the public to enjoy their leisure time actively. It is just the perfect way to add fun to your jog!

A kiosk of the step into health, an AZF initiative that encourages the public to walk more, stands near the lake where dedicated staff help the public register in the program.

Not to mention the new kayaking sessions that started on the lake.

These give adults and children a new experience and a real thrill. Aspire Park is the place for families to enjoy their time. And yet, many secrets are there to reveal.

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