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Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire, Bringing Accessibility to Aquatic Training

Some dreams are more difficult than others, but determination makes it happen.

In cooperation with AZF, the Freestyle Aquatics is a program that empowers people with special needs to challenge the impossible. To learn how to swim and dive.

The program started in January 2012, in the aim of teaching people with special needs how to swim. A series of private lessons were held in different locations in Doha, until the program landed in Aspire Dome in 2016.

Since then, 12 participants (aged between 5 and 55 years old) took part in 120 lessons. The program is held as part of AZF’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and under the supervision of 3 trainers.

The program is the first of its kind in Qatar. It is designed to deliver thrilling, life-changing experiences to people with a physical disability through customized swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, plus individualized training.

Training & Support
Trainers make sure that some family members attend the first two classes. This stage is important to build trust between the trainer and the student.

The family, however, observes from far, so the student remains focused on the training, so they can tune into the rhythm of swimming.

The Goal
The program aims to change the life of the disable participants through swimming. As a sport, it is useful to improve their mental, physical and social health.

Freestyle’s ambition is to run a full time permanent aquatics program that includes lessons in both the swimming pool and the sea. It aims to have the students working towards earning international recognized certifications eventually.

Place: Aspire Dome

Registration: Email

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