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Once again the swimming & running open sessions will be available for all.

For the huge demand on Splash & Dash program, Aspire is extending the training sessions on Saturdays.

Aspire Splash & Dash enable both amateurs and experienced athletes alike to stay fit all the day of the year from 10th October until 26th December 2015, every Saturday from 15:30 till 17:00.

When Splash&Dash will start from 10th October will continue till 26th December, every Saturday from 16:00 till 18:00 in the Dome Swimming Pool & Indoor Athletics Track.

The only exceptions date to this will be for the Indoor Athletics Track in the following dates:
- October the 10th.
- October the 17th.
- December the 5th.
Attending fee is 10 QR per session.
Register is onsite only Every Saturday from 10th October till 26th December 2015, from 15:30 – 17:30 at the swimming Pool and Athletics Track Splash & Dash welcome desk.

To ensure you are entitled to attend Splash & Dash training sessions, please make sure you are aware of the next steps:
1.Read the Splash&Dash General Rules and Regulations
2. Sign the Splash & Dash waiver form or at the welcome desk
- Mixed swimming pool sessions.
- Only 100 persons -50 in the swimming pool plus 50 in the athletics track- per Splash & Dash day limit!
- Waiver and General Rules: It is mandatory to sign the Waiver and accept the General Rules terms to attend the Splash&Dash training sessions.
- Parking: Splash &Dash users should park at Aspire Dome’s main entrance parking.

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