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The Master Class iFreestyle - Aspire Show

Part One (35 minutes ) During the Master Class, our participants will learn Football Freestyle tricks from the world’s best freestylers. They will get the chance to learn the most famous tricks ever done by football players in football matches, and then they will learn how they can use these tricks in a football game.
Part Two (55 Minutes ) Football Panna Game, at this part we will teach the rules of football Panna, what are the most tricky tricks used by players to take the ball from your competitor, and how to score the most efficient Pannas.
Part Three (30 Minutes) The Free-Kicks that will take place at the Goal Gate, where our ambassadors will teach participants how to score a goal, by hitting the Goal Gates, and the points will be marked at the Gate. Athletes will also show how to score a goal without looking at the Gates, whilst blind-folded, and then participants will be able to try.
Date: February 16th 2017
Time: 5:30pm
Location: Aspire Dome - Volleyball pitch

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