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Nordic Walking in Aspire Park

Nordic Walking is a form of fitness walking, where you use specially designed poles and a learned technique that results in a low impact, but high results and total body fitness. It increases cardio fitness, burns more calories and activates 90% of muscles.
Join us on National Sport Day at 11am at the entrance of Aspetar west expansion. The two-hour walk will be supervised by a certified Nordic walk instructor. It will include walking, fun games, as well as stretching, balance and strengthening exercises.

If you are interested, please contact us. Limited slots are available. First come, first served.
Participation Rules:

- Age: 18 – 50 years.
- Participant must be physically active and able to follow the group.
- We are going to provide a pair of poles to each participant. At the end, all poles must be returned.
Route and Plan:

Please refer to the map with the planned route and activities. We are going to follow the orange route. The numbers explain the main parts of the walk.

- Starting point: Aspetar West Expansion. Click here to find the exact spot.
- 10-minute stop for stretching and balance exercises
- 20-minute stop for fun games
- 10-minute stop for stretching
Finish point: Aspetar West Expansion

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