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Useful information for "Inside Out" today

It will be at the Warm-up Track between Aspetar and Aspire Dome. Make sure to leave a bit early if you don't know where it is. See the map.

It will open at 5:45pm. Please be at track at least 25 minutes before to that to sign in/ register. Please allow tie to fill the details on the rear of the race bid. The run starts at 7:00pm

- You can park at the Khalifa International Stadium car park with is closest.
- We will have a bag drop so you can leave any (non-valuable) items while you run.
there are toilets at the Warm-up track.
- The course - see the map.
- Follow the signage and marshal instructions to enter the Dome (We can't tell you this bit-it's a secret).
- There are small mementos and refreshments for all finishers!

We hope you enjoy the slightly different, inside out, running event.

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