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A Trek to the Base Camp in Mount Everest

Abdulla Al-Jabri is a Qatari sports adventurer that made it to the Base Camp in Mount Everest in October 2017. That’s around 5365 meters above the sea level (MAMSL). His journey wasn’t easy because he needed first to beat the pain of both disk (low back) and shin splints (legs). However, continuous training and rehabilitation paid well.
From his failure in a hiking attempt on a very small mountain in Finland last year, Al Jabri could make it to the Everest Base Camp. It is the phenomenal transformation he underwent that paid well when he lost almost 40kg, adopted daily healthy habits with consistent training, good nutrition, yoga, and proper sleep pattern.
For six months, his training included daily workouts and 6-7hrs of hiking every weekend with 15kg backpack. He needed to get used to carrying loads on his back. 3 months before the trip, the rehabilitation at Aspetar, an AZF entity, became daily. He is very thankful truly for Aspire’s unique environment that facilitated his journey, starting from training facilities to services and the people around.
The Trek
The real challenge came when Al-Jabri was up in the mountains. In the company of 10 people the from UK and US, he used trekking poles, special hiking boots, climbing ropes, a backpack of essentials and definitely wool clothes.
The ice axe became indispensable when climbing up to Kala Patthar that is higher than Base camp (5500m). When it was snowing and raining, he used the axe as a self-arrest technique to prevent him from falling down.
With endless headache due to high altitude, drinking lots of water (around 7-8 liters per day) was the only way to beat pain.
Not only a sport activity and leisure time, Al-Jabri found true life inspiration to stay determined on his vision and target. He found himself in a situation where he needed to rely on himself and use unique survival techniques.
There was no problem in water supplies around, due to rivers and ice glaciers. But he needed to purify it manually with water purification tablets to remove undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants and germs.
His trip leader advised him to return when he got sick, especially that there was no hospital or pharmacy up. But some cold and fever medicine that he brought from home helped him. Even more, determination was the cure.
It was beautiful nature and happy people that made the trip just wonderful and worth it, per Al-Jabri’s words. So he forgot about all the all pain.
Plus, strong will and good planning are his fuel for the next challenge: to run a marathon and climb the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus, by 2018.
Name: Abdulla Al-Jabri
Age: 25
Education: IT Diploma from Qatar University (2013); Mass Communication Degree at Qatar University (Current)
Interests: Running, hiking and video games
Joint Aspire in: May 2013

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